If you haven’t seen the news, the latest ATF data shows that in over 300 major American cities, up to 70% of the guns used in crime were previously legally owned but then lost or stolen. This just shows what we’ve known all along, that lost and stolen guns potentiate crime.

We can easily extrapolate from this that by reducing the availability of firearms for criminals will have a direct effect on the rates of gun crime nationwide. This is the intended purpose of Gun Leash. We can also deduce that these facts will make Gun Leash more than just a novelty, but a necessity for any┬áconscientious┬ápatriot who carries a gun daily. Even veteran gun owners who have never misplaced, lost or had a gun stolen believe It won’t ever happen to them, they too need to consider Gun Leash. Just because you’ve never had a house fire, doesn’t mean you don’t need homeowners’ insurance.


When guns are lost or stolen, they often end up in the hands of individuals who intend to use them for illegal activities. By reducing the number of lost and stolen guns, there will be fewer firearms circulating in the criminal underworld, making it harder for criminals to acquire


This is not just my opinion. Career law enforcement officer and 32-year celebrity bodyguard, Bruce Cardenas, who is part of the Gun Leash advisory board put it this way “the ability of Gun Leash to reduce the rate of lost and stolen guns will have a tremendously positive impact on crime.”

Our mission here at Gun Leash is simple and noble. To reduce gun loss, theft, and directly reduce gun related crime.

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