Alisa Profumo – Vice President of Business Development

Alisa Profumo is the dynamic co-host and executive producer of “Super Human Radio,” where she brings a wealth of knowledge and passion in fitness, healthy living, anti-aging, and nutrition. Her expertise and engaging personality have made her a beloved figure among the show’s listeners.

Alisa’s journey in the health and wellness sphere is driven by her commitment to creating a fulfilling and healthy lifestyle. Her approach is holistic, encompassing not just physical fitness but also nutritional wisdom and anti-aging strategies. This comprehensive view on well-being makes her insights incredibly valuable to those seeking to improve their quality of life.

As a co-host, Alisa’s role goes beyond sharing information; she inspires and motivates listeners to take actionable steps towards creating the life of their dreams. Her philosophy is all about making positive changes one day at a time, a message that resonates deeply with her audience.

Her work on “Super Human Radio” showcases her talents not only as a health and fitness enthusiast but also as an adept executive producer. She plays a critical role in shaping the content and direction of the show, ensuring that it consistently delivers valuable and up-to-date information to its listeners.

Alisa’s dedication to her own journey of health and wellness shines through in her work, making her an authentic and influential voice in the fitness and health community. She continues to be a guiding light for many, demonstrating that a balanced and healthy lifestyle is within reach for everyone.