Am The Only One Who Wears His/Her Handgun While Home?

When I come home from work, I don’t immediately remove my firearm. In fact, as a rule, I wear my firearm from the morning when I place it inside my waistband, till I take it off at night to go to bed. I’ve often wondered if I’m the exception to the rule. It’s not due to fear of a home invasion, although they do happen even in the best of neighborhoods. I do it because I feel I have a responsibility to know where my firearm is every second of the day. This level of responsibility was instilled in me by my father Carmine who was a Gunners Mate in the Navy during WWII. And while he chose not to own guns after he got out, he bought me my first Mosberg 12-gauge pump shotgun when I was 16 and allowed me to go rabbit hunting my friend Joey and his father Joe.

Wearing my gun while home is not a discomfort in any way. I do it the same way as keeping my wallet in my pocket. So, do you do this too? And why? Or why not? I’d really like to know if I’m just weird.

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