Arbind Bhagat – Director of Web Development

Arbind Bhagat stands out in the field of web development and project management with his extensive expertise in Joomla and WordPress. His proficiency in managing cPanel/WHM hosting servers, coupled with a deep understanding of DNS configurations, makes him a valuable asset in the realm of web technologies.

Arbind’s career is marked by significant experience as a Project Manager and Customer Success Manager for various companies in the United States. His adeptness in managing projects for clients in the U.S. over the past decade is a testament to his commitment and skill, aspects that are well-documented and verifiable on his UpWork profile.

One of Arbind’s key strengths is his exceptional command of the English language and communication skills. His ability to articulate complex technical concepts clearly and effectively sets him apart in client interactions and team collaborations. Working with numerous chapters of the Project Management Institute has honed his organizational skills, ensuring impeccable management of diverse projects.

His flexibility in adjusting working hours according to project requirements reflects his dedication to client satisfaction and project success. Arbind’s collaborative spirit and ability to work harmoniously within a team further amplify his effectiveness in project roles.

Arbind Bhagat’s blend of technical mastery, project management expertise, and excellent communication skills make him an outstanding professional in his field. His adaptability and team-oriented approach continue to contribute significantly to the success of the projects he undertakes.