Bruce Cardenas

Bruce Cardenas, a disabled United States Marine Corps veteran who has had a 35-year career in law enforcement starting with the Los Angeles Police Department. Bruce has been recognized for valor receiving multiple citations and meritorious certificates including the police star for bravery, while engaging an armed murder suspect in Hollywood. Bruce was also selected for Key coed positions, including being an advisor on the Christopher commission, which was formed after the Rodney King incident.

Bruce was also one of the department spokes persons during the O.J. Simpson trial working out of the community relations. Office for a period. While Bruce still serves as a level one Reserve with a Los Angeles County sheriff’s department, he has ventured into the entrepreneurs world, most notable being the chief communications officer at QUEST NUTRITION, which sold to Atkins nutrition for $1 billion cash. Bruce continues to be a leader in the Entrepreneur space building several other brands.

In addition, Bruce stays very active as a range master and is currently a trainer at operation Black site a private ranch in Temecula California were tactics firearm training, escape, and evasion and communication skills are taught to entrepreneurs. In addition, over the last 30 years, Bruce continues to provide technical advice on both television and movie sets in relation to firearm training and handling and safety. He has also maintained a private bodyguard protection business for the last 30 years where he maintains a small number of select High net worth individuals for personal protection, as well as security consulting for personal home, office, and travel procedures to keep individuals in their family safe around the clock. Bruce is a sponsored influencer with Kimber Firearms USA. And 221B Tactical to name just a few brands.