Carl Lanore – Founder

Carl Lanore is a renowned figure in the world of fitness and health, celebrated for his decades-long commitment to advancing fitness knowledge and practice through his popular radio show, “Super Human Radio.” His extensive experience and deep understanding of fitness and health dynamics have made him a go-to expert in the field.

With a career spanning several decades, Carl has dedicated himself to educating and inspiring others about the importance of physical well-being and a healthy lifestyle. His radio show, “Super Human Radio,” has been a pivotal platform for discussing the latest trends, scientific findings, and practical tips in fitness and health. Through this medium, Carl has reached and influenced a wide audience, helping countless individuals on their journey to better health.

In addition to his fitness expertise, Carl is also a responsible gun owner. He is licensed and places a strong emphasis on safety and responsibility in gun ownership. His approach to gun ownership is marked by caution and respect, reflecting his commitment to safety in all aspects of life.

Carl’s multifaceted expertise and his dedication to promoting health, fitness, and responsible practices have earned him respect and admiration in his field. He continues to be a source of knowledge and inspiration, helping people achieve their fitness goals and lead healthier lives.