Mike Wasserman – Product Design Engineer

With a distinguished career that spans over three decades, Mike Wasserman is a seasoned mechanical engineer whose expertise has become a benchmark in the field. His journey began in the dynamic world of traditional design engineering, where he worked with a diverse range of manufacturers, from nimble startups to established industry leaders. This phase of his career was marked by a deep immersion in product design and development, where he mastered the nuances of turning concepts into functional, market-ready products.

In his extensive career, Mike has not only contributed to engineering but has also embraced the role of a mentor and innovator. He has been instrumental in the development of groundbreaking products, often leading teams through complex design challenges. His approach combines technical prowess with creative problem-solving, ensuring that each project he undertakes is both technically sound and innovatively advanced.

Transitioning from large-scale industrial projects, Mike now dedicates his expertise to helping individual clients and emerging companies. He understands that great ideas need the right blend of experience and technical skill to flourish. Therefore, he offers personalized guidance to those embarking on the journey of product development, helping to refine their ideas and strategies for success in a competitive marketplace.

Mike’s current role is more than just an engineer; he is a facilitator of dreams for those aspiring to make a significant impact with their new products. Whether it’s providing consultation from the conceptual stage or assisting through the intricacies of design and prototyping, Mike is committed to turning innovative visions into reality. If you’re looking to create the “next big thing,” Mike Wasserman is the ideal partner to bring your visionary ideas to life.