Why You Don’t Want to Use an Airtag On Your Gun

A July 2023 article in a popular hackers website Hackaday reveals that the Apple Airtag’s have some serious privacy and safety implications that people should be aware of. Its possible to hack an Airtag and not only get it to report its location to others besides the owner, but even clone the Airtag in question and use it to pirate the owners account! In my humble opinion, these weaknesses disqualify Airtag from being suitable for handgun loss prevention. And hackers appear to be targeting the popular tracker unit to see just how far they can exploit it.

When I first imagined Gun Leash after almost losing a handgun, the primary objective was maintaining privacy. Not only in the Gun Leash beacon, but also our app. I refused to have our app served from the cloud, which would have been a LOT less expensive to build. And there are other roadblocks to getting any unique information from hacking the Gun Leash app that I won’t go into any further than that. Also the Gun Leash beacon does not receive. It’s a true beacon and transmits only. And as such can not receive any commands that would allow hackers to gain entry.

Gun Leash was developed to keep your gun safely by your side and save lives.  Our revolutionary firearm safety solution fits simply onto your weapon and into your life and talks privately to the Gun Leash app to alert you if your gun leaves your side. Best of all the Gun Leash technology does not track or report location. It respects the privacy of the gun owner. It’s a simple proximity technology that monitors the presence of the handgun. Keeping it from getting lost in the first place!

Gun Leash is also the size of a postage stamp so it will never get in the way of having to use your handgun.

Gun Leash will be released in the next weeks at our website GunLeash.com for a very limited pre-sale special offer.

Original Hackaday article 

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