The Gun Leash Story

My name is Carl Lanore.  I host the longest-running health, fitness, and anti-aging podcast in the world.  I have been founding companies and inventing technology for decades.

Personal Story from the Founder

I’m a New Yorker, now living in Kentucky for 33 years. My brother-in-law is a retired policeman.

Like many people, I carry a weapon. I’ve hunted my entire life. I am a concealed-carry permit holder here in Louisville KY.

Three years ago I thought I lost my everyday carry gun while shopping. I thought I’d left it in a public restroom, and it shook me to the core.

I worried that a child might have found my gun and harmed themselves or someone else.
I worried that a criminal had snatched my gun.

I couldn’t get hold of the store where I thought I’d left my gun, so I called the local police department.  They told me that;

There is a Quiet Epidemic of Lost and Stolen Guns

There are more handgun and open carry users than ever.

If you carry a handgun, you can never put it down.

If you put it in your car or put it in your locker, it might be stolen.

We have gun safes and trigger guards, but until now, we have had no gun security devices that protect your gun from being stolen or lost.