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Gun Leash is the most innovative and exciting gun safety device ever introduced.  When you understand that 50% to 70% of the handguns used in crime were previously owned by law-abiding citizens, but then lost or stolen, you realize that keeping handguns in the hands of their rightful owners is the key to reducing gun crimes. And Gun Leash does that.

According to the latest ATF eTrace information in concert with police and insurance reports, about 380,000 handguns are stolen every year. An estimated 500,000 additional handguns are simply lost! Most left behind in public restrooms, department store dressing rooms, restaurant booths, and other places. We are now learning that these lost handgun estimates may be greatly underestimated through some new data from the ATF. Only 15 states in America require lost guns to be reported. And many, if not most, of these lost handguns go unreported due to embarrassment and fear of culpability.

Louisiana has already introduced a Bill that would require the original owner of a lost handgun, used in the commission of a crime, to appear in court and defend themselves against negligent culpability. It’s just a matter of time before more states follow Louisiana.

Gun Leash Team

Our Team is made up of a combination of seasoned entrepreneurs, technology innovators and developers, retired law enforcement, retired military, retired Special OPS, retired ATF who all have been leaders in their respective fields.

Gun Leash has its US patent and holds a PCT for our International Patent to protect our intellectual property as we are already getting inquiries from countries.

Gun Leash will save lives!

There are over 200 million handgun owners in America based upon the most current data and estimates are an average of 2 handguns per owner. Based upon several market tests, our marketing strategy is to gain 10% penetration over 7 years.

Gun Leash already has channel partners in place that include firearm manufacturers, the largest sporting goods chains who will all be offering the Gun Leash to their customers, Our official launch is mid-2024. Now is the time to inquire about taking a position as an investor. To learn more simply complete the form below and our Founder Carl Lanore will respond.

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